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Flavor of the Week

Basic pantry-inspired pasta By now you may have come to identify several of the usual suspects in my kitchen larder:  garlic, olives, capers, anchovy, among others.  Keeping these items in your pantry means that you will always be able to pull together a delicious, simple little meal.  My favorite stand-by pasta dinner includes all of [...]


The Houseboat Cookbook

Toasted breadcrumbs One of the staples of my home pantry is actually just a simple by-product from making toast in the morning: the breadcrumbs leftover on the big wooden cutting board.  The dark crusts on my daily bread — the big sourdough loaves from Iggy’s Bread (Cambridge, MA) — are wonderfully flavorful, and I carefully [...]


The Houseboat Cookbook

The pleasures of open-air dining This weekend my friend Diane is celebrating a (minor) birthday.  I’ve invited her and a couple of other friends over for lunch on Saturday.  The weather forecast looks promising, so we’ll be able to enjoy a sunny lunch on the river and then head over to the beach afterward. Since [...]


Buzzards Bay Swim

Again this year, on Saturday, July 7, Chef/Owner Steve Johnson will be participating in the Buzzards Bay Swim, an annual fund raising event organized by The Coalition for Buzzards Bay.


Transformative experience

This is how it happened to me Nearly 36 years ago, in August of 1976, I arrived in Montpellier, France to begin my year abroad as a language and literature student at the university there.  In addition to my studies, I was hoping to broaden my life experiences and looking for adventure.  Having been born [...]


My favorite fish

Portuguese sardines  These little fish have ALL the qualities!  First of all, and most important, they’re REALLY TASTY!  One of the most abundant species in the ocean and the current darling of the sustainability experts, health-wise sardines are an oily fish (like mackerel, bluefish, etc) and by that full of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins.  [...]


Turkish Pizza

Turkish Pizza My dear friend Ihsan Gurdal (of Formaggio Kitchen fame) has taught me a lot about Turkish food.  Dining out together, cooking for each other on weekends, and traveling abroad have given us countless occasions to discuss good food.  On a trip to Turkey with him several years ago, I got a wonderful introduction [...]


The Houseboat Cookbook

Canned Portuguese Sardines The evening of July 4th, the end of a long holiday weekend full of beach picnics, cook-outs and fireworks displays.  Starting to wind down now after all the fun with friends, in anticipation of the upcoming work week.  Time for a quiet, simple, early dinner on the houseboat, but I’ve gone through [...]


Buzzards Bay Swim

On Saturday morning, July 2nd, I joined over 200 other swimmers to participate in the Buzzards Bay Swim, the annual fund raiser organized by the Buzzards Bay Coalition.  We all swam 1.2 miles from New Bedford across to Fairhaven, crossing the Acushnet River just south of the entrance to the commercial fishing port.   It was [...]


Rooftop Garden Report

Those pesky birds! Memorial Day has come and gone, and all of the sudden summer is here.  After a prolonged stretch of gray, cool-ish weather during the month of May, Somebody-in-Charge flipped the big switch.  It began to seem like it would never happen, and people in general were really starting to complain about it, [...]